8 Steps to Unify Sales and Marketing

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Webinar: 8 Steps to Unify Sales and Marketing

Join NetProspex and AG Salesworks for a complimentary webinar and case study about increasing revenue by unifying sales and marketing.

The classic lack of alignment between sales and marketing is threatening the livelihood of many B2B organizations.

That's because today's buyers are seeking more than solution providers – they're looking for trusted advisors who understand their challenges and goals and can help them move smoothly down the path to purchase.  

In this webinar, AG Salesworks' president Peter Gracey and content marketing consultant Stephanie Tilton will share eight ideas for unifying your sales and marketing teams. They’ll also present a real-world case study showing how one company realized tremendous benefits through sales and marketing alignment.

Attend this fast-paced webinar to learn:

  • Why it's critical to get marketing and sales working as one
  • The 8 steps needed to close the gap
  • How one company aligned sales and marketing for increased revenue

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(Note: You may want to forward to 3:22 to go right to the beginning of the video.  There is also a small glitch between 19:48 and 20:20)