Identifying business opportunities so you can... 

Improve Productivity

By letting AG Salesworks handle the lead generation function, sales managers can free up valuable resources that can be focused on more critical business activities.  Specifically, the flow of new sales leads from AG Salesworks allows sales reps to spend more of their time in front of prospects doing what they do best…closing business.  Without the administrative burden of managing lead generation, sales managers can devote more of their time to activities that directly affect their bottom line.

Increase Sales

Our highly skilled Lead Generation Specialists (LGS) combine years of lead generation experience with our proven market penetration methodology to rapidly fill our client's pipeline with fully qualified sales leads.  These sales leads contain the critical qualification information our clients need to shorten their sales cycle.

Beat Your Competition

Once a sales force begins to accept leads from AG Salesworks, they have a decided advantage over the competition.  They are going into their initial sales meeting with the critical qualification information that their competitors simply do not have.  Our market penetration methodology will uncover opportunities that our customer's competitors have not yet found.  Our customers will know more and know it earlier than their competition.