Bob Lederman

Vice President of Sales

Bob is responsible for the planning and development of new customer acquisition strategy for AG Salesworks. Bob's experience working with Technology companies has been focused towards building strategic plans and programs to drive revenue growth.  His specific knowledge and passion for mutual success allows Bob to identify key areas in which AG Salesworks can aide clients in their pursuit of revenue targets.  

Recently Bob was highly successful at Vurv Technology (now Taleo) where he dramatically increased sales in the Northeast Region. Previous roles in Bob's career include the VP of Worldwide Sales and member of Senior Management team for Inmagic, Inc., a Woburn Massachusetts based Content Management Software provider, and VP of Sales for Webhire (now Kenexa) where he managed the sales organization focusing on selling Human Capital Management Applications and Staffing Automation Tools. He has sold to both Fortune 1000 organizations and mid-size organizations with complex needs. In each role, Bob has been instrumental in diagnosing business issues associated with current processes and programs and identifying appropriate technology and service solutions to assist "re-engineering" the organization.

Bob is a graduate of Tufts University with a Bachelors degree in Social Psychology and was captain of the Tufts University Football team.

It is rare to find an organization that cares about the success of its customers as much as AG does.  This success is the reason we have close and long-term relationships with our customers. Our employees are an extension of the client teams; connected to their products, sales team and their culture. I cannot express how professionally satisfying it is to represent the AG team to the business world each and everyday.”

Bob Lederman,
Vice President of Sales