AG Salesworks: Providing B2B Teleprospecting and Marketing Services

AG Salesworks is a B2B teleprospecting and marketing services firm providing value for technology, media, financial services, and communications companies. AG Salesworks services empower our clients to focus on their core business and provide them the qualified opportunities they need to grow their sales pipeline. Founded in 2002, AG Salesworks has a proven process to achieve the best possible results for our clients.


While working together at public software firm, founders Paul Alves and Peter Gracey, faced an age old Marketing and Sales challenge: “How do we drive forecast?” They struggled with the inefficient process of developing a “sales lead” into a qualified sales opportunity. Many companies offered the traditional “sales leads” solution. These solutions were based on “number of leads”. They promised quantity. What they couldn’t find was a company that promised quality of an opportunity. AG Salesworks was born.


We believe in hiring the right people and providing an environment of professional, financial, and personal opportunity. We are a lifestyle company. The cornerstone of our company is our people. We want people who want to grow. We believe the combination of people and environment is the platform for success. We provide success for our people, our clients, and our company.