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Corporate Culture: To Facebook Or Not To Facebook

Posted by Liz Wilson on Fri, Jun 22, 2023 @ 02:27 PM

Yes, I go on Facebook at work. But it’s not what you think, well most of the time. I have a hand in managing our Company’s Facebook page, and while I know there are a lot of nay-sayers out there that lament that social media has little effect on a company’s actual success, I am here to tell you nay-sayers that you are wrong!

Facebook, or SpacePage, as my Grandmother says, serves various different purposes. Many of us use it to keep up with our friends, many of our parents use it to stalk us etc etc etc. But it has its own purpose for your company’s employees as well.

Facebook can be an outlet for your employees to go to when you need a quick break from staring at emails. If a dog jumps on your desk, snap a picture and put it on Facebook so we all get a good laugh. If you want to know if your colleagues would defend the office in the event of a zombie attack, make a poll – best defense tactic gets treated to coffee!

For our organization’s fans, it’s a place to bring to life the actual people and culture behind the company. We have a very strong culture here which cultivates great social media content. Just the other day we posted an unfortunate picture of the passing of one of our office plants, Rosie. That afternoon one of our Corporate Development Reps received a business email that ended with, “Sorry to hear about Rosie”. These activities help us to build rapport with friends and prospects alike.

For AG Salesworks itself, it creates visibility to an enormous network. Everyone (800  million+) has Facebook, if AG can keep itself current with its posting, whether it be our blogs, announcements, an employee spotlight, we keep current with our clients and future clients. Facebook piques their interest and thus drives prospects to our website/blog/tumblr and leads people to want to work with us.

Since the creation of our Facebook page, and among other social media efforts we have wildly increased traffic to our sites and generated inbound inquiries.  So I say Facebook at work all you want!

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