Best Practices: Conversations, Not Interrogations

convos resized 600AG Salesworks joined with Postwire and Avention to provide this Webinar.

Today's buyers do their homework by researching solutions online long before you get a chance to talk to them. Be sure you do your homework, too. Don't put a prospective buyer in the "hot seat" by barraging them with “BANT” questions to qualify the opportunity. Instead, establish connections to build the relationship and progress the opportunity in your pipeline. Map out your conversational goals prior to your conversation with prospects and discover trigger events about your target organization to formulate quality questions. Utilize your content library to provide the right content at the right lifecycle stage.  

Using a case study format, three highly respected thought leaders demonstrated how to connect with your prospects by:

  1. Applying sales intelligence to ask the right questions
  2. Framing questions to spark interactive dialog
  3. Sharing personalized information resources to create conversation

This webinar will provide you with the insight you need to start having Conversations, NOT Interrogations.

You will be given the option to either watch the full webinar or specific sections after the first few introductory slides below.