Virtual VP of Marketing Services

The AG Salesworks Marketing Services team works on your behalf as a Virtual Vice President of Marketing, working as an extension of your team to deliver a customized marketing solution focused on ensuring your marketing initiatives build sales pipeline. Leveraging its experience in the technology sector, the AG Salesworks Marketing Services team, lead by Richard April, will develop a marketing strategy and execution plan that can be carried out by existing resources in conjunction with AG’s Marketing Services team. 

Our process starts with a review of your target market and messaging, and while this sounds like a rudimentary step, it is often either overlooked, or so much time has passed since it was initially done that it is no longer relevant.  With the vast amount of resources available today, it is more important than ever to fully understand your ideal buyer persona, the process they go through to make purchasing decisions, and what messaging will resonate with them. 

Virtual VP of Marketing ServicesOnce the target market and messaging review is complete, we develop a definitive marketing and execution plan that lays out the ideal mix of inbound and outbound marketing programs focused on building the sales pipeline required to meet or exceed your corporate goals.  We measure success not on the tactical steps along the way, but on the end results of these initiatives.

Who should consider these services?

Our clients have leveraged the Virtual VP of Marketing services in various different scenarios, ranging from early stage startups who needed senior level strategic council but did not have the budget for a full time VP, to established companies that had hit an impasse and needed an experienced marketing executive to guide them to the next level.  Other clients have found themselves so entrenched in developing their solutions and responding to customer requirements that they have not dedicated the time to focus on a plan to scale their business, finding it helpful to bring in a marketing executive with a fresh perspective on how to accelerate growth. In all cases, our clients have enjoyed the benefits of the strategic insights of an experienced marketing executive at a fraction of the cost of a full time VP.

If you would like to have a brief discussion with Richard to cover the marketing and corporate goals/challenges you face and determine together whether the Virtual VP of Marketing Service is a good fit, please complete the following:

While we are well versed in all facets of marketing, we are aware of our limitations, thus if there are challenges that other firms may be more suited to address we will connect you with them directly.