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Our eBooks and Whitepapers have been created with the goal of providing guidance for B2B Sales and Marketing professionals who are looking to learn about best practices and practical approaches to achieving success in their sales and marketing initiatives.

The Ultimate Inside Sales Prospecting and Management Success eBook Cover resized 600 Social Selling: How to Use Social Media for B2B Sales
This eBook provides a thorough explanation of how social selling and online brand building can affect each step of the sales process, from researching to prospecting to demonstrating the value of your product or service. It also includes helpful tips for creating and maintaining an optimal social profile and strategies for how to efficiently use social media to increase your B2B sales.

The Ultimate Inside Sales Prospecting and Management Success eBook Cover resized 600 The Ultimate Inside Sales Prospecting and Management Success eBook
Whether you're a new inside sales manager or have years of experience under your belt, this new eBook will be of great value to your company's sales and marketing strategy. Excel at your job and learn how to foster a strong and prosperous team that surpasses its numbers!

The Upward Spiral The Upward Spiral: How a Strong Company Culture Increases Productivity, Passion and Profit
Cultivate a strong, positive company culture in order to increase business metrics such as profit and inspire passion in employees. Emloyees will be happier, customers will be happier, and stockholders will be happier: it's an upward spiral! Learn about the history of company culture and even participate in a quiz to see where your business stands. 

Top of the Funnel Field Guide eBook Top of the Funnel Field Guide to Sales Prospecting Success
This eBook is a collaboration between AG Salesworks and SalesLoft. It will equip you and your team with the core fundamentals to succeed in inside sales. In addition to delivering the best methodologies and best practices for inside sales, this eBook discusses very helpful tools that have already been put to the test and valued. 

Gear Up for Success eBook: Aligning Sales and Marketing for Success
Gear Up for Success: 8 Steps to Get Sales & Marketing Cranking in Unison
Driving Marketing ROI eBook: Driving Marketing ROI
Driving Marketing ROI
MROI Whitepaper Whitepaper: Increase Marketing Return On Investment
AG Salesworks Perspectives: The Foundation Of MROI