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How to Trick Your Inside Sales Reps Into Embracing New Technologies

AG Koozie Golf

As a Business Development Representative for tech companies, I understand that organizations can be hesitant to implement new technologies.  I have heard many different reasons as to why companies don’t want to change what they are already using or put new software or systems into place: the cost is too high, it doesn’t fit their needs, or it just isn’t a priority at the time.  One reason I often hear is that the company won’t be able to persuade their employees to start using the new technology.

3 Lessons Learned from Lost Inside Sales Clients

Lost Clients

It’s never fun to lose clients, but there’s always something inside sales reps can learn from their client’s decision to leave which they can apply and improve upon when dealing with new clients. When clients end an engagement, it can be for many different reasons: budget, end of a campaign, decision to try a new inside sales team, restructuring within the company, etc. Whatever the reason is, it is sad to watch a client leave, but you can use what you learned from working with one company and apply it to another company when they sign a contract.

Playing the Inside Sales Game of Thrones

game thrones red wedding

I am a huge fan of the HBO series, “Game of Thrones.” Admittedly, I have not read the books, but I do plan on doing so in the near future. The third season left a lot of fans heartbroken and displeased with George Martin, the author of the book series, but I have learned to love the unexpectedness of our favorite characters falling and the evil ones making their way into the fourth season. It is not how television usually works, where the main characters survive all perils.

There’s no “I” in Sales

no I in Sales

Several months ago, while shopping at my favorite clothing store, a sales associate approached me asking if she could help me find anything. She eagerly greeted me by the door, as it was slow and I was only one of two customers at the time.  Normally I would probably pass up the help and say I was just browsing, which is usually the case when I go there. I like to look around and see what’s new, what’s on sale.  However, that day I had gone in there with a purpose; I was looking for a particular pair of jeans that I was unable to find online.

Sales Tips from Dwight Schrute

Inside Sales tips from Dwight Schrute

If you are as big a fan of NBC’s Thursday night comedy lineup as I am then you know that tonight is the series finale of The Office. If you watch the show (who hasn’t watched this show?) then you know that Dwight Schrute is absolutely insane. However, he is also Dunder Mifflin’s top salesman, so he is obviously doing something right. put together a collection of Dwight’s top sales tips, which are, like Dwight, insane. I’ve selected a few of my favorites to tone down and translate into language the everyday sales rep could grasp.

Becoming an Inside Sales Mentor

Mentoring Inside Sales Reps for Success

It has been almost one year since I started as a Business Development Representative at AG Salesworks and I have learned so much about the software and technology industry, sales, and communicating with people at all the various levels of an organization. My next endeavor has been in the works without me even realizing it: I’m becoming somewhat of a mentor. It’s not in my title, or written on my business card, and it’s not something I think about; but as someone who has been in this role for eleven months, I have become someone that new BDRs can come to with questions.

Social Selling Tips For Insides Sales Reps From The Dunphy Family

Phil Dunphy

Today, you can learn a lot about a person without ever meeting them, simply by checking out their various social media accounts. You can find out what someone’s favorite bands or films are from their Facebook, see pictures of what they had for lunch on their Instagram, and learn where they work and what they do from their Linkedin profile. 

Communication Tips For Inside Sales Teams

Communication tips for Inside Sales Reps

Last week, I was thinking about how much time I spend making dials and speaking with prospects, talking with my team, and corresponding with clients via phone and email. As a business development representative at AG Salesworks, I work closely with my director and manager on my team to ensure that I focus my time on the most important tasks. In a normal day, I communicate with my manager, director, other business development representatives, and other key players in our organization. I also speak with my client almost daily to make sure I have the most relevant contacts at the top of my list. In order to maximize time on the phones passing qualified leads, it is essential to have meaningful conversations with the other people that are important to speak with on a daily basis.

Sales Prospecting Perspective Weekly Recap - Week of March 25, 2013

Sales Blog Recap, Social Selling, Inside Sales 3 29

It's the final day of the month and the quarter; I'm sure there are a lot of elevated blood pressures today! Isn't it wonderful when these things fall on a Friday? Hopefully your sales pipeline is not the reason for the added stress and anxiety that comes with the last day of a quarter. One way to feed the pipeline is to start getting more social; integrating social selling practices in with your sales process. This week's share discusses social selling and comes from Brian Bachofner of InsideView who compared social selling vs. social prospecting and discussed some of the key activities being used by sales professionals and some of the key behaviors in determining a high performer. Brian cited multiple industry experts and discussed some of the findings from their ebooks, survey's and research to formulate is own opinion on the topic of social prospecting. Brian's view on social prospecting is "it's the measurable and trackable aspect of Social Selling that’s creating focus there. The ROI is simple to measure." He also states that social prospecting is "the easiest (activity) to deploy, but also the easiest to do WRONG." A great read from Brian, who will be assisting in managing and contributing content for Social Selling University until a new "Dean" has been found.  

Sales Prospecting For Minutemen

Sales Hiring Strategies, Cold Calling, Prospecting 3 28 Kyle

Sales Prospecting Perspectives is pleased to bring you a post from Business Development Representative Kyle Smith.

I recently made a trip back to my Alma mater to conduct some on campus interviews of college seniors. Each person we interviewed had applied for the position of entry level Business Development Representative. We had a lot of great candidates and also a couple of really bad ones. Through the interview process, I started to recognize all of the similarities between a job interview and a cold call. I could easily go through one of the more promising interviews and say why it was good, but instead, I’d rather review one of the ones that didn't turn out so well.

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