Sales Opportunity Development

Tactically Minded and ROI Driven Sales Prospecting

Sales Opportunity Development connects Marketing and Sales in ways that will take your company to the next level. Many organizations struggle with the “middle”, the gray area, of the marketing/sales funnel. The “gray area” of the funnel varies by organization but is the area between a lead and a qualified sales opportunity.


AG’s Sales Opportunity Development transcends traditional lead generation and telemarketing - developed specifically to plug into the gray area. Sales Opportunity Development provides an increased return on marketing program investments, more highly qualified sales opportunities, and more accurate reliable forecasts. Marketing, Sales and the Organization benefit.

Our proven methodology includes:

AG starts every project with a review and thorough understanding of your product, your selling proposition, your brand, your market, and your target audiences. This review provides us with the depth of knowledge necessary to deliver industry leading results.
Developing a concise value forward message
Programs built specifically for you, based on your needs and our review and understanding of your target audience.
Identification of your next customer
We qualify marketing generated leads, using the AG Salesworks proven qualification methodology, nurturing lukewarm prospects until they are fully qualified sales opportunities, and deliver them to your professional Sales team.
Intelligence gathering
We engage in conversation with your prospects gathering critical information and providing your professional Sales team with prospect specific intelligence. Armed with this knowledge Sales is more confident and positioned to close more business.

In Our Experience

"Sales Opportunity Development is not a project or one time thing; it's a critical business process, a way of doing business, which drives top-line revenue growth. Unfortunately, too often it’s a function that comes to the forefront only after droughts in the pipeline have been realized. We help our clients to maintain a steady flow of net new forecast – quarter after quarter – regardless of personnel changes, administrative workload, and ad hoc projects. MROI is consistently proven and easily demonstrated as activity is converted to net new revenue." - Peter Gracey, President