B2B Marketing Services

Developing qualified sales opportunities starts with well engineered and well executed "top of funnel" strategies.  AG Salesworks leverages its years of experience in sales prospecting and sales opportunity qualification to design, manage, and run results based lead generation and market positioning programs.

No matter where you are positioned in the product lifecycle, AG Salesworks can assist in delivering the optimal value proposition to each of your markets and ensure a continual influx of quality prospects to fuel all demand generation activities.

We can assist with:

Closed Loop Demand Generation and Lead Management Services

Demand Generation Strategy Development
- Develop market appropriate demand generation strategies to achieve sales goals
- Design specific lead generation programs within budgetary parameters
Demand Generation and Lead Nurturing Services
- Execute campaigns utilizing appropriate mix of tools and best practices
- Design and execute lead nurturing initiatives
- Track quality and ROI with lead scoring, metrics, and analysis

Messaging and Positioning Services

Corporate Messaging/Positioning
- Develop or refine corporate messaging and collateral
- Produce Press, Analyst and Investor presentations
- Develop flexible and reusable content
Value Proposition Analysis/Refinement/Development
- Audit and validate existing Value Proposition effectiveness
- Develop vertical or contact specific messaging for new or existing product
- Execute test messaging against proven benchmarking statistics