Sales Prospecting and Closed Loop Marketing

We are at our best when bridging the gap between marketing and sales. From the beginning, AG Salesworks has been helping clients succeed at identifying buyers and converting them into customers. But it doesn’t stop there. Where Marketing ends and Sales begins differs by organization. Our services can extend, up or down the funnel, beyond the critical and time consuming qualification and nurturing of opportunities.

In an effort to reduce costs and achieve targeted results, more and more companies are taking advantage of the benefits of outsourcing. Outsourcing, especially market facing, presents greater potential risk to your brand and your business. As an outsourced service provider AG Salesworks does not take this lightly. Our company and each of our service offerings are built with this in mind. Our success and reputation depend on upholding your brand.

Our services are processes specifically designed to deliver targeted results. They can be standalone or be used in combination. These services were developed from market intelligence, understanding of our customer’s business challenges and our own industry experience.

AG Salesworks helps organizations get to the next level. Our services complement your existing inbound and outbound programs, driving improvement in marketing qualified lead conversion, sales effectiveness and forecast.

In Our Experience

"Over the past several years I have seen a healthy trend toward the integration of Marketing and Sales. Best in class organizations not only recognize the vital contributions of both Marketing and Sales, but rigorously work to improve efficiencies and maximize their output: revenue and growth.

The right people, infrastructure, methodologies and measurement tools must work in tandem to ensure each impression your organization makes on a potential prospect is optimized and progressed through a closed loop process." - Paul Alves, CEO