Sales Prospecting Success Kit

The AG Salesworks Sales Prospecting Success Kit provides a set of tools that will equip your new inside sale recruit for success, and also provide a great refresher for the more experienced members of your team.   If you do not have a formal training process in place or do not have a formal set of tools in place, you will find this complementary kit very helpful. 

The Sales Prospecting Success Kit covers 5 core aspects of teleprospecting, including the: Introduction, Scope, Timeframe and Budget, Decision Making Process, and Closing the Lead/Call.

We also thought it would be useful to add these additional Sales Prospecting Tools:

  1. Voicemail Strategies
  2. Effective Email Strategies
  3. Handling Objections
  4. Lead Write-up Worksheet

We are confident this complementary Kit will help you get results quickly.

To download the Sales Prospecting Success Kit please complete the following:


Once you have tackled the challenge of honing your inside sales reps skill sets, there are a number of operational aspects that are also essential for success, here are a few examples and some related blog posts that provide more detail on each:

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