B2B Marketing & Sales Prospecting Resources

These B2B resources have been created based on what our customers have suggested would be helpful to make their marketing and sales efforts more effective and successful.  We hope you find them useful as well. Click the pictures to read more about featured areas of the site! 

Toolkits & Guides

Specific advice for managing generations affected by the millennium in a sales context 

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eBooks & Whitepapers

An eBook by CEO Paul Alves about how to cultivate a productive and positive work culture

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Outbound Index

A bi-annual measurement of the effectiveness of outbound prospecting which also offers businesses tips for benchmarking and managing their own outbound team.

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A webinar to complement the inside sales management success kit about leveraging CRM with inside sales reps, with Director of Client Success Laney Pilpel.   

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Case Studies

AG Salesworks helped DataSift, a social data company, increase the amount of nurtured leads passed to the sales team. 

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We share insights regarding B2B sales prospecting with the marketing and sales commnunity and various social media sites.

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