Client Engagement
“Callers believe they've actually reached the company, because the rep is so informed. Well-trained reps know the corporate language, project the client image and talk the client talk.”— Call Center Magazine
Proven Methodology...

By collaborating with your sales and marketing teams, A.G. Salesworks will strengthen your company's sales results and help you achieve your revenue goals. Over the years, we've developed a proven "best practices" process for working with clients and managing campaigns that maximize the results that we produce. Our Client Engagement Process is the foundation of how we work -it's the way we produce quality leads for our clients over and over again.

At A.G. Salesworks, we've found that our strategic solutions for building sales pipelines are most successful when we work as an extension of your sales and marketing organization. As a result, we've developed a unique approach to collaboration that enables us to effectively introduce you into sales opportunities. Take a closer look at the offerings that make A.G. Salesworks unique as a strategic partner.

A.G. Salesworks starts by dedicating a team of professionals to your campaign who work as an extension of your sales and marketing group. They bring valuable experience and energy to every assignment. This team gets to know your company and your solutions inside and out. In turn, we ask for your dedication to the process as well; it's up to you to help us learn to work with you most effectively. A team approach improves the quality of your sales leads. Plus, there's greater buy-in from your sales team.

Working together, we agree on specific goals and objectives for your campaign. Then, we open the channels of communications that work for your company, keeping ideas and input flowing freely between your company and ours. Next, driven from your campaign objectives, we profile your best buyers, analyze your existing prospect database, and rely on our resources to build a strong Prospect Universe that sets the foundation for your campaign's success. We will also conduct the training necessary so that your A.G. Salesworks Business Development Representatives are able to represent you and your solutions effectively with prospective customers.

A.G. Salesworks provides single point-of-contact account management. Our account management staff is your regular interface to ensure that the maximum possible results are derived from your project and that all communication flows smoothly in either direction. Our staff has considerable experience in management, sales, marketing and project management. A.G. Salesworks provides accurate, fast and detailed review of project status, activity and results via our weekly account management process.

Maximizing the leads produced out of any marketing campaign requires 100% attention to detail. Your Account Manager proactively manages the day-to-day execution of your campaign, analyzing the results along the way, making sure your A.G. Salesworks Business Development Representatives are reaching decision makers, collecting quality information and producing intelligent leads for your sales people.

Each week, your A.G. Salesworks Account Manager conducts an in-depth analysis of the results. This "look back" at the process and data collected provides insight on your sales opportunities, helping to clarify the sales message and narrow your target marketing. A.G. Salesworks will use what we have learned to continue to refine the planning and execution of your campaign. This valuable market intelligence can help you determine where to focus your sales and marketing activities.

A.G. Salesworks stands behind its promise to deliver fully qualified sales leads. Together, we will set up procedures for monitoring the status of your leads, evaluating feedback and helping you make sure these leads turn into sales opportunities and continue to progress through your pipeline.

Our contact management system enables our specialists to record and report comprehensive data on prospect qualification and lead generation. Resulting databases and reports provide you with exploitable insights into your prospect's desires and needs.

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