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Why This Cold Sales Email Template Works So Well


What if I told you the secret to getting cold prospects to always open and even act on your sales emails? 

Here it is: There is no secret. 

The truth is, every prospect is different, so there's no guaranteeing that one best practice will work above all others. What you can do to build trust with cold prospects is be honest and provide real value in every email interaction you have with them. 

That's why this cold sales email template works so well: 

Hi <Prospect>,

As an avid business professional, I like to stay up to date on industry news and insights. Recently, I noticed that your company <company action>.

In my experience, that means that <business issue> becomes a challenge. What might help you in your transition is to learn how others have dealt with similar issues. My company helped <similar company> tackle this problem with what they called “<quote from case study>.”

If you’d like to learn more, let’s set up a quick call. How does Tuesday afternoon between 2 and 3 p.m. EST sound?


<Your Name>

P.S. If you're not the right person to speak to, who would you recommend I reach out to?

Let's break this down.

Starting from the top, the inside sales rep in this email makes the first sentence about the prospect's company, not about their own. The first sentence also establishes the sender as a "business professional" instead of a "salesperson," rebranding the inside sales rep as a trusted advisor. 

The second paragraph shows that the rep researched the company beforehand, and from that reserach drew conclusions about the prospect's current challenges. Decision-makers are bombarded by calls every day from sales reps asking them about their current situation, about what they do as a company, and about their current pains. Instead of interrupting this prospect's day with questions the sales rep could have found the answers to beforehand, this email streamlines the process.

There's also a short sentence in the second paragraph that highlights the inside sales rep's company - and their customer service - with a short quote from a case study. Done right, this technique can prove your expertise. After all, buyers don't want to hear from the seller about your product or service; they want to hear from others who have had experience with it. That's why sites like Yelp exist!

In the final paragrph, the sales rep emphasizes that he or she is just looking for a "quick call." Instead of waiting for the prospect to respond with a time, the rep chooses the date and time and leaves it open for the prospect to change accordingly.

Finally, let's not forget the P.S. Prospects might not read your full email, but they will read your P.S. if it's short. Use it as a call-to-action for them to refer you to the right contact, or as a short message saying, "If you're free, you can call me now, at this number." 

If you're in inside sales, customize this message and see if it works for your company. Let us know the results in the comments!

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Allison Tetreault is the Marketing Content Coordinator at AG Salesworks. She writes, designs and promotes new marketing content every month, monitors and produces updates for social media networks, gathers important data for marketing and sales efforts, and maximizes the potential of content marketing efforts.

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