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AG Salesworks Launches Sales Development Certification Program



It’s been a crazy 18 months for the QuotaFactory and AG Salesworks teams.  In Q3 we launched a new company, QuotaFactory, the first ever Prospect Relationship Management (PRM) platform.  We made a strategic decision to move all of AG Salesworks’ outsourced leadgen business under the QuotaFactory umbrella.  This wasn’t done in advance of sunsetting the AG Salesworks brand, quite the opposite actually.  We had bigger plans for AG as the below press release explains in more detail.  The AG Salesworks brand represents predictable, efficient, positive, and impactful sales development.  When you do something very well for such a long period of time (14 years) you reach a point where you simply want to share as much of what you’ve learned with the masses.  Now, any SDR, at any company, in any industry, in any timezone, can log into AG Salesworks and very quickly get benchmarked, trained, and AG certified. When you seek out an AG Certification you will build your resume and you’ll gain access to a deep and meaningful membership in a high end SDR community. You will have countless opportunities for career advancement if you are willing to test yourself against the most rigorous evaluation standards in the industry.  Get benchmarked, get trained, get AG certified...What are you waiting for?

Marlborough, Mass. – December 17, 2023 – AG Salesworks, the industry’s first sales development certification offering designed to better serve and educate sales development professionals, today announced the availability of its training curriculum. Developed by the AG Salesworks team, which has defined high quality and innovative sales development for 14 years, the AG Salesworks Certification is designed to help recent college graduates and new SDRs not only excel at their sales development jobs through exclusive resources and training, but also guide them toward the next step in their careers through exclusive career coaching services.

The sales development certification is built on a skills benchmarking tool that tests users on their overall sales development aptitude by focusing on five core competency areas: prospecting strategy, research strategy, lead qualification, messaging and objection handling. The results are then summarized and benchmarked against the community and users are automatically queued up to training modules provided by top executive sales coaches in the areas where improvement is most needed. After receiving a performance benchmark score in the 90th percentile or greater, the user becomes “AG Salesworks certified” and is granted access to AG Salesworks’ team of coaches to help build a productive and exciting career roadmap.

“Sales executives at top organizations are constantly striving to have the best sales development teams comprised of SDRs who are not only meeting —but exceeding—quota every day,” said Peter Gracey, co-founder and chief operating officer, AG Salesworks. “By providing a platform for new SDRs to learn and grow, we’re not only helping companies build stronger teams, but we’re also giving back to the sales industry as a whole. With our new certification platform, we are officially raising the bar for sales development.”

"My career as a sales trainer has expanded to helping some of the world’s leading tech companies find their true sales efficiency potential. When I was first approached by AG Salesworks to partner with them in their endeavor to give back to the sales community, I was excited by their enthusiasm to help others in our profession improve their prospecting skill sets," said industry expert, John Barrows. "The AG Salesworks training and certification program will provide the education and benchmarking services every sales development professional needs to be succeed in their sales careers."

As a complementary technology to the AG Salesworks Certification platform, the company’s leadership team recently launched Prospect Relationship Management (PRM) platform QuotaFactory. The AG Salesworks Sales Development Certification Platform is available now at no cost at

About AG Salesworks

AG Salesworks was founded in 2001 as a marketing services and teleprospecting firm. In 2015, co-founders Peter Gracey and Paul Alves launched Prospect Relationship Management (PRM) platform QuotaFactory and transformed AG Salesworks into a dedicated sales certification platform for Sales Development Representatives (SDRs). Comprised of top sales development executives with more than 50 years of combined experience, AG Salesworks uses its experience and successful history to certify and enable the next generation of closers to launch or advance in their sales development careers and succeed.

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About the Author   |   Peter Gracey

Peter Gracey is co-founder and President of AG Salesworks. Peter is responsible for the day-to-day operations of AG Salesworks, making sure that our clients continue to receive the most optimized level of performance available. For more information on Peter Gracey, see here.

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