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4 B2B Sales Prospecting New Year's Resolutions for 2015


The holidays are behind us, and the New Year has begun! It is a season of resolutions, many of which focus on bettering yourself, living a healthier lifestyle, achieving financial goals, and spending more time with family. Although resolutions are key to personal growth and success, they can also be used in the workplace to motivate and encourage success for the upcoming year. Here are a few resolutions to help kick off your B2B sales prospecting on the right foot in 2015.

1. Use the start of the new year as an excuse to check in with prospects.

Just as people set personal goals for the new year, so do the companies that you are calling into. An initiative that may have been a low priority at an organization a couple months ago may have picked up momentum and could be an active opportunity now. When you reach out to prospects you have previously been in contact with, reference the new year as a point of change and growth, and explain that you are reaching out to learn of any updates, as many projects form around this time. Include New Year's in your inside sales messaging, and make sure to follow up on those prospects who wanted to speak at the beginning of 2015.

2. Look at the new year as an opportunity for personal growth and development in the workplace.

Identify where you are successful and where you have struggled. Do you need to be more organized? Are your messaging strategies effective? Are you consistently on pace to meet goal? Once you have identified the areas in which you struggle, plan what you are going to do differently to overcome these challenges. The start of the new year is a great excuse to make changes in order to set yourself up for success.

3. Use the new year when handling objections to create a sense of urgency.

Prospects often voice that what you’re interested in discussing with them is not an “active project” or to “check back in 6 months.” January is a great time to explain that even though this may not be an active priority at the moment, it may become more active over the next twelve months, and it would make the most sense to have the conversation now, so they will prepared when the time comes. You can even communicate that January is a hot month for organizations to at least explore their options. If the prospect sees that you are looking out for them in the long run, they may be more apt to have an in-depth conversation and take a meeting.

4. Have a positive attitude.

Even if December was a rough month, or 2014 was a rough year, look at 2015 as a clean slate. Focus on what you have in front of you, and put the past behind you. If you are cheery and upbeat going into every call, the person on the other line can feed off your excitement and positive attitude, which will help you keep them engaged and on the phone. Most importantly, don’t get discouraged if a prospect doesn't show to an appointment; if someone is not willing to hear what you have to say, move on to someone else!

As we embark on the journey of B2B sales prospecting in 2015, it is important to keep in mind that timing does matter. Remember that the new year gives you an excuse to reach out to all of your prospects to check in. Look at the new year as an excuse to grow on both a personal and professional level, and make 2015 your best year yet!

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