Paul Alves

Chief Executive Officer

Paul Alves is the co-founder and CEO of AG Salesworks and is responsible for all strategic outward-facing initiatives and leadership.

Prior to 2002, Paul was employed at a leading corporation and was in need of the very services that AG Salesworks now provides. His deep understanding of what companies truly needed and his inability to find real quality led, Paul along with co-founder Peter Gracey to create AG Salesworks.

Prior to AG Salesworks, Paul worked in Sales & Sales Management in the financial & software industries consistently exceeding goals. He graduated from Plymouth State University, part of the UNH system, with a BS in Business Administration with minors in Computer Science, Economics & English.

“By providing an environment where our team can grow professionally, financially and personally we are able to develop and maintain a team of professionals who set the standard for excellence in this industry. Having access to this level of talent brings tremendous value through best in class process to the sales & marketing teams of our clients.”

Paul Alves,
Chief Executive Officer