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Inside Sales Monthly Success Tips: Two Perspectives (A Rep's View)


On Friday’s Blog, Inside Sales Monthly Success Tips: Two Perspectives, Laney began to explain the process taken to achieve monthly inside sales quotas, and the steps taken by management to ensure that business development reps meet/exceed their monthly goals. Today I will discuss the same five steps taken with management to reach my monthly goals from the perspective of a business development rep.

Meet one on one to receive monthly goals from management the first day of the new month, and close the loop on the previous month. It’s a new month, my percentage of goal is back down to zero, and I need a plan in place to finish the month strong. Having this mentality the first day of the month will help to achieve any goals in place. Meeting with my management team to hear what they expect of me at the very beginning of the month will help to pace myself throughout the month and finish strong. Although it is a new month, and a fresh start, it is important to also review the previous month. Did the opportunities passed over last month go to the next step? If not, why? What were the biggest hurdles to reach my goal last month? How can we work as a team and remove those?

Engage and be prepared for weekly meetings with your management as check-in points. After the initial monthly goal meeting, I like to meet with Laney on a weekly basis as a check-in point. At these meetings I like to go in with my “laundry list” of situations I have encountered in throughout the week. Where I am against my goal, common objectives I have encountered throughout the previous week, any list help I may need from the database team and the plans I have put in place to achieve my goal.

Have an open door policy with management and leverage them as a resource. I will be the first to admit it. Sometimes there are conversations I have with prospects or emails that I receive that I do not know how to tackle on my own. Many times these conversations can turn into opportunities to move on to a next step with a sales rep. Do not wait for your weekly check-ins to ask for assistance. Your management team is there to help. The best thing for a rep to do is leverage them as a helpful resource. Do not let the opportunity slip away.

Aid with marketing automation. Mass emails are a golden way to uncover opportunities. If you find yourself at a slow point in the month, ask management to set up a weekly mass email for you. You will know better than they will where your untouched contacts are, and any target lists you will like to hit.

Training should never stop after your training period. As mentioned before use management as a resource. If you are having a tough month, ask your manager or director to sit with you and give tips to uncover opportunities. You can also ask for their help with recrafting messaging. Believe me, they will be more than happy to help.

One thing my father has always said was “happy wife, happy life.” For an inside sales team this could not be more true. When both the managers and business development reps are all happy and on the same page, the easier it will be to achieve monthly goals. Keep the gates of communication open. Remember as a rep, management can not help you if you do not communicate your needs. Once you do, they will be more than happy to help you achieve success.

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